1. Rene and Angele Brabants, coming from Leuven, Belgium, going back to Eindhoven
2. Patrick and Boudina van Es, coming from Barneveld, going back to Arnhem
3. Alvin and Jeanice Matulessy, coming from Jakarta, Indonesia, going to Zwolle
4. Pieter and Anne van Eijsden, coming from Hilversum, going back to Amersfoort
5. Sures and Manja Ratnagapal, coming from Bremen, Germany, going back to Leeuwarden
6. Marlo and Agnes Soemowijojo, coming from Apeldoorn, going back to Zwolle
7. Humphrey and Rianne Alimoestar, coming from Utrecht, going to Zwolle
8. Tim and Kelly Leusink, coming from Almere, going back to Zwolle
9. Herman and Leylan Leusink, coming from Utrecht, going back to Zwolle
10. Virgil and Christien Karg, coming from Rijswijk, going back to The Hague
11. Alfred and Bernadette Seymor, coming from Nickerie, Surinam, to Paramaribo

Changes national
1. Taking over the church in Utrecht-Center, Jan and Clarisse Schuitema from Dordrecht
2. Taking over the church in Dordrecht, Wim and Filomena Grootveld

Change international>
1. Taking over Jakarta Church, from Zwolle, Harry and Nicole Douven

New international works
1. Into Oslo, Norway Jan-Loek and Talina Siskens, out of Delft, Zwolle partnering
2. Into Setúbal, Portugal (suburb Lisbon), Matthijs and Ilona Majoor, out of Zwolle
3. Into Paris, Zetout and Corisande Diamonomosi, out of Nijmegen

National works
1. Taking over the church in Almere, out of Zwolle, Leo and Danielle van der Zee
2. Into Haarlem, out of The Hague, Jaap and Laudate Rijksen



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