Laatste Nieuws


1. Wiebe Kees en Betty Goodijk, coming from Assen, going back to Groningen.
2. Edwin and Wendy Meeuws, coming form Rotterdam-Ijsselmonde back to Breda.

New evangelists:

1. Wim and Filomena Grootveld, evangelising out of Rotterdam


1. Jaka and Rita Hermawan from Jakarta-West into Jakarta-North, Indonesia.
2. Sures and Manja Ratnagapal, from Leeuwarden, into Bremen, Germany.


1. Cedric and Marisela Martitszoon from Rotterdam-Centrum taking over the work in Bonaire.
2. Reo and Miriam Obispo from Breda, taking over the in work in Rotterdam-Ijsselmonde.

National works:

1. From Groningen into Veendam, Josua and Tirsa Sillee
2. From Arnhem into Leiden, Sozdar and Katia Hosiyar
3. From Zwolle into Harderwijk, Justin and Jennifer Entong